Go With the Flow—Work With Peace Plumbing Company

Don’t let residential plumbing problems go without repair

Homeowners know the importance of having a good plumber on call. It seems like there’s always some sort of maintenance or repair work to be done around the house. Call Peace Plumbing Company if you need work on:

Water heaters
Sewer lines
Waste removal
Potable water
Plumbing fixtures

If you’re in Keithville, LA, call us for all of your residential plumbing needs.

Business owners trust Peace with commercial plumbing jobs

If you own a business, you know what it’s like to operate a building. Not only do you want to provide the best facilities for your customers, but you also have to stay up to par with state and federal laws. Make sure you’re up to federal and Louisiana code with Peace Plumbing company. We specialize in backflow prevention devices to make sure your business is in full compliance with state law. Call us today for more information!

Your residents depend on city water and sewer to get through their daily routines. Don’t let them go hours or even days without access to clean, usable water! Call Peace Plumbing for public utility work near Keithville, Louisiana.

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